The Day the Sky Fell

Yesterday I witnessed the most insane day of storms I've ever seen. The day started with really intense cloud formations, so of course I was out shooting photos. Within the span of an hour I watched as the sky above churned, the atmosphere morphing from one minute to the next, getting darker and darker. I have spent years chasing clouds and studying the skies, so I could see and feel the rain coming. I headed down the hill and seconds after getting in the door, a massive downpour started, followed by a constant roaring thunder, almost deafening. The sky had dimmed to a strange, eerie green colour, and the winds were whipping things by the house. I recalled all the times I had watched tornado documentaries, with people describing the noise as that of a freight train. This was precisely what I was hearing. It was as terrifying as it was thrilling. And then, it was over, rolling past the hills and away from us. Living in a valley has some real perks when it comes to storms and tornadoes. We were in the dark for several hours afterward, and the storms continued to rip across the province. We had minor damage, since our property has a commercial building on one side we have some decent wind protection. The nest of baby robins from the tree in the backyard did not fare so well; we all know that mother nature can be as brutal as she is beautiful.