Life is a Special Occasion

The day started with dark skies and pouring rain, but we all seemed to know that it would let up eventually. Even though the ceremony had already been moved inside, the rain stopped and I had so much fun taking pictures with the wedding party outside afterwards. This group was down for anything, full of smiles and giggles, ready to have a good time! Melissa & Danny are some of the nicest, sweetest people with their family, friends and guests being no different; we laughed, we cried and they DANCED! These two were beyond adorable the whole day: from the pre-wedding gift Melissa had me deliver to Danny before the ceremony (a swanky new watch) to the huge smiles every time they looked at each other during the ceremony, and right down to the simple fact that they weren't afraid to show everyone how ridiculously in love they are, sneaking in kisses whenever they could. :)