Bodacious Boudoir

I am now offering boudoir sessions! My incredible friend Ashley was the first boudoir client and we both had so much fun! I put on some music, and we talked the entire time, keeping things casual and just having a good time with it. She told me afterward that it made her feel so confident and sexy, she enjoyed it more than she anticipated. She felt nervous, but rocked it!

Let me tell you why boudoir sessions are amazing: They are the perfect way to celebrate and love the skin you're in, so the best reason to do it is for yourself! Many women talk about how doing one of these sessions changed the way they see themselves, they felt beautiful and sensual. Give your partner the gift of some stunning photos that show off your sexy side. Make it sassy, make it sweet, whatever you like! Ordering a small album with the images can be the best present ever for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or a wedding night surprise.

They can be done in the comfort of your home, or you can request an alternative location for an additional fee to rent a hotel room, bed & breakfast or AirBNB property for the session. Feeling extra adventurous? Take the session outdoors in the summer months for a truly exceptional experience.