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Matt & Keilly's Wedding at Klages Mill and Garden

There aren't many people in this world I would travel across provinces for, but it was an easy choice when it came to the wedding of Matt & Keilly. They had booked with me right before I found out I was moving to Nova Scotia and talked about whether we could make it work, but I was happy to make the journey back to Ontario to capture their amazing day.

You couldn't find two sweeter folks, with huge hearts and even bigger love for one another, as well as their friends & family. They had so many fantastic details that made everything so special; from Dog of Honor Remi, to the bridemaids' PJs, to the classic car they borrowed for photos. You could feel the love & support around these two from start to finish. And of course, their incredible custom vows had the whole crowd in tears (including me).

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Arnott! <3



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