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Hey there, I'm Alicia


A bit about me...

I'm a small town girl who loves the country life and all things rustic. I'll take a sky full of stars over the city lights any day, and wide open fields are my happy place. I was born and raised in Ontario, but recently relocated to Nova Scotia with my grandfather and my cat Monty, so far we are all loving the new place. I'm the oldest of 4 siblings, with two sisters and a brother, half of us are in NS and half still in Ontario, but family has always been very important to me.

I adore art, indie music, exploring forgotten buildings, and being surrounded by nature. Thunderstorms are my favourite thing about the summer, and if it's a cloudy day, you will probably find me out shooting the skies.  In addition to photography, I also enjoy making creative projects including watercolour painting and jewellery, and one of my favourite things is thrifting/collecting vintage items. I'm a huge rock hound as well, so being in the Maritimes now has me very excited for some awesome beachcombing opportunities.

If you're someone who appreciates things that are a little left of center, off the beaten path, and outside the box.... then I think we can create something amazing together.​


My photography sessions informal, fun and light hearted. I think the best photographs of people are when they are relaxed and being themselves, so I do my best to put clients at ease so they can let their real smiles shine. In my mind, real moments will win over stiff poses any day, so come hang out with me for a bit and let's capture some magic!

I live on a beautiful property that I plan to use for the majority of sessions, but off-site shoots are available by chance depending on desired location and distance.


My clients are most often people who are looking for something a bit different from the typical "sit and smile" kind of portraits. I specialize in lifestyle sessions, where the goal is to have fun and create some great stories, while also getting some amazing photos. We'll do some semi posed shots, and then just see how we want the session to evolve. It's a painless process, lighthearted and laid back, and the result is a relaxed client (and photographer!) with images that you can enjoy for years to come as you relive the memories of that day.


If you're interested in booking a session, head to the info page for details or contact me to secure an appointment. You can also browse the shop page (coming soon) for prints, paintings and jewellery items for sale.

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